About Type@Cooper West 2016

A postgraduate certificate program in typeface design offered through Cooper Union in partnership with Letterform Archive in San Francisco.

After years of developing a curriculum in NYC, 2016 marked the inaugural year of Type at Cooper West Coast program. The opportunity attracted eager letterers from across the continent, to make use of the unique resources on hand at the Archive, along with the accumulated knowledge and lavished attentions of some of the world’s foremost type design professionals.

While the workload was phenomenal and the pressure tremendous — wills were broken, callings reassessed! — the quality of the work produced attests to the dedication the students showed, through months of grueling refinements and expansions to their typeface family projects. Copious Chex Mix (pronounced shay-MEE) often proved the only sustenance through late nights in the Monotype Classroom, in the long droughts between orders of beer and pizza.

Special Thanks

The Type@Cooper West 2016 students would like to take this internet space to declare their thanks to the many people, places, and dog that made the program possible.

And now for some adorable photos

High Contrast